The New 52: Stepping up

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Casa Loma

This year, I’ve tried to get more serious about running. Better scheduling to ensure I’m getting my minimum three runs in each week. Leaving parties a smidge early to make the 5:45 a.m. wakeups hurt a little less. Protein-powder packed smoothies at night to boost recovery. So, it’s only natural that running appears regularly in our New 52. About two years ago, my running buddy and I started including stair sets as a regular part of our workouts. We’ve become very well acquainted with the stairwells of the various condo buildings I’ve called home. Hills have become so much easier to climb! But every time we talked about running stairs, people would ask if we’d gone to Casa Loma yet. The answer was always no. So, after introducing A. to the joys of stair training during our snowed-out runs this winter, we made a point of planning to hit the Baldwin Steps this summer. I’d never even been on the castle property! So one night after work, A. and I biked over to Casa Loma and spend an hour training on the stairs – marvelling at the awesome view and the other runners who were taking on the challenge. We saw everything from walking repeats to one-legged hops and two steps at a time! It was a great workout, though definitely less taxing than the ones I plan in my familiar stairwell. My regular 12 reps moved up past 20. We’ve already returned a few times, so this will definitely become a regular part of our training schedule. Read more about the New 52 project and see our full list here.

The New 52: The Egyptian Indiana Jones Edition

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Rom lecture series

A. and I share a love of dinosaurs, animals and artifacts. So with his history degree and my current status as a recovering journalist, it was only natural that for his birthday last August I gifted him with a joint membership to the Royal Ontario Museum.

That means we spent the past year enjoying the special dinosaur exhibit, many Friday Night Live parties and, for the first time, took advantage of one of the special lectures the museum offers.

The speaker was Dr. Zahi Hawass – perhaps better known as the Egyptian Indiana Jones. The lecture touched on some of his incredible discoveries in the Valley of the Kings, some of his famous visitors and how the country’s museums and research have suffered since the revolution left such operations in turmoil.

Not surprisingly, Hawass was super passionate about Egyptian history, so it was a real treat to hear about his accomplishments, including how he worked to reconstruct King Tut’s family tree and explored the Great Pyramid at Giza.

As neither of us specialized in Egyptian history, but did enjoy all the (original) Indiana Jones movies, we learned a lot that evening – making for a great date night and a great contribution to our New 52 list!

And, for those of you doing the math – yes, our membership did run out, but don’t worry, we enjoyed it so much we had to renew!

Read more about the New 52 project and see our full list here.


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On the run

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I want to apologize. I’ve fallen slightly off my regular publishing schedule of late, and it’s bumming me out!

With three races in sight, I’ve been having trouble sitting still. Downtime is a good excuse to log a few more extra miles or a deep stretch or an extra snack. Toss in a few other commitments – not the least of which is my baby brother’s upcoming wedding – and something had to slip. And unfortunately, it’s been my personal writing.

We’re still busy plugging away at the New 52 – including a lecture at the ROM by the “Egyptian Indiana Jones” and a bike ride to Mississauga – and will have more updates soon! In the meantime, let’s connect on Twitter, and I’ll continue to update whenever I can!

Wendy’s sings fan tweets

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Full disclosure: I don’t eat meat. Or fast food, really. I recently complained to the gentleman friend about how we were running low on duck eggs. But I still watched the entire video, below, devoted to fan tweets about the new Wendy’s cheeseburger.

Brands leveraging tweets from their fans is nothing new, but I still like this campaign. What creative ways have you seen brands using their social media kudos?

Read more: Wendy’s Sings the Tweets of Those Willing to Compliment Their Food – AgencySpy.

Playing with Instagram video

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Last week, Instagram added video capabilities. The filter-happy photo-based social network was stepping up its game.

As an avid ‘grammer – 1,340 photos and counting – I had to try the new functionality, but wondered if I would actually make the switch from still-frame to 15 seconds.

So far, I’ve put up two videos, and even gotten a couple of likes – check out my sunrise shots here.

Initial thoughts? It’s fun, but as I lack both the talent and patience for stop-motion and animation setups, I’m not sure how often I’ll be hitting record instead of “shoot.” Plus, there’s that awkward issue around sound – ambient noise isn’t that interesting, but I never think about it until I’ve already finished my shot. I’m not sure I want to be storyboarding my downtime social sharing.

Have you tried Instagram video yet? What do you think?

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