A sampling of my published words:

Facebook updates could reveal mental illness: Between all the TGIF posts and baby pictures, your Facebook friend could be dropping clues about their mental state.

A penthouse with a magical quality: Even in Toronto’s booming real estate market, $7.5 million is enough to take your breath away.

Summer School: Learning to shoot a bow and arrow: Yes, archery is having its moment — and it’s a pretty badass one at that: Whether fighting for the good of a city, against bad government, an alternate-universe invasion, or the limitations others impose on others, the bow and arrow is proving to be a mighty weapon indeed.

New York’s Big Duck draws in tourists: The Big Duck has become a symbol of the era of giant apples, coffee pots and other kitschy roadside advertising.

How to have a glamorous wedding: Whether it’s envying Kim Kardashian’s over-the-top event — if not the short duration of her matrimonial bliss — or dreaming of a couture gown worthy of Kate and Will’s royal bash, weddings in 2012 will be striving for high fashion, paparazzi-worthy looks.

Top 5 trends at the 2012 Interior Design Show: From a classic LC2 Le Corbusier chair cut into a giant block of ice on the sidewalk to bright hits of orange and a summery Earth Inc. designed garden space, the 14th annual Interior Design Show is playing with the seasons and the elements.

Fan Expo: Will my Supergirl fly? “We’re dressing up as superheroes,” I sweetly say to the saleslady as she measures out two yards of blue spandex.

Where to buy for someone who’s One of a Kind: The pressure of trying to find that perfect, personal and unique holiday gift for every important person in your life is enough to drive anyone to indulge in a festive cocktail or two. This weekend’s One of a Kind Show offers shoppers a chance to get a headstart on their lists – and hopefully skip some of those hours spent at the malls and browsing

Tips for getting most from an outlet-store marathon: While Americans get to enjoy the Black Friday frenzy of long lineups and slashed prices, Canadians must content themselves with slightly less scandalous sales in the GTA’s outlets.

Debbie Travis says the homemade look is in for Christmas — but you can buy it: Cable knits, visible stitching and a little extra TLC. This holiday seasons it’s all about decorating with a handmade touch — or at least buying pieces that make it look that way.

Getting ready for winter’s chill: With the season’s first snowfall right around the corner, it’s time for homeowners to prepare for those long, dark winter nights at home.

Jillian Harris says Extreme Makeover continues to excite: A family in need. Volunteers willing to go the extra mile. Hard-working designers. One week. And a giant bus, which of course, needs to be moved. The formula may be familiar, but even in its ninth season, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (CityTV, Fridays at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.) continues to be a tear-jerker.

LG Fashion Week: Hungry? Underdressed? Need a cocktail? Your best bets while at the tents: LG Fashion Week’s move to David Pecaut Square means a host of amenities are available to the fashionistas watching the runways. Get a hit of caffeine, power lunch, post-show cocktail or mid-week wardrobe makeover all within walking distance from the venue.

Sarah takes suburbia up a notch: Suburban dreams tend toward the white picket fence and station wagon variety rather than sumptuous designs, but Sarah Richardson is hoping to break the cookie cutter stereotype in the new season of Sarah’s House.

Beatrice’s royal wedding hat mocked online: Teletubby? Weapon? Royal watchers around the world guessed the inspiration and tested their photoshop skills on the Philip Treacy creation.,

My year of saying yes: As a newly single girl, I decided the best way to get out of my slump was to seize the moment, break out of my comfort zone and see what the world sent my way. Including a tattoo and a half-marathon. Toronto Star, Insight section.

Blogging her way through cancer: Attitude and humour may not be common words in the cancer lexicon, but Alicia Merchant’s got both in spades. Toronto Star special report.

Surprise! You’re brushing your teeth wrong: You brush twice a day, doling out the perfect pea-sized amount of toothpaste. But, if you’re swirling water around your minty-fresh mouth post-brush, then you haven’t quite mastered your dental hygiene routine.

Log off for a good night’s sleep: Texts, tweets and TV are disrupting Americans’ dreams, according to a study for the Washington-based National Sleep Foundation.

Stop, collaborate and renovate? Vanilla Ice does DIY: Musician, ice dancer and renovator? Nineties pop icon Robert VanWinkle, better known as Vanilla Ice, certainly wears a lot of hats. Toronto Star, New in Homes.

I’m single again – five financial lessons relearned: When my marriage broke down, along with the emotional cost came the realization I was on my own financially.

New Year’s Rocks: Bring on the crowds, the hype and the overpriced cocktails: Speaking out in defence of the expensive, overblown – but fun – parties of Dec. 31. Toronto Star, Entertainment.

Employee ownership spurs innovation: Why earth engineering firm Golder Associates Ltd. made the Toronto Star‘s GTA’s top employers list. Toronto Star, GTA’s Best Employers.

Couple turns to TV show to solve reno dilemma: Not ready to abandon their neighbourhood, but unwilling to order in another holiday dinner, this family turned to a TV show to fix their “dysfunctional” space. Toronto Star, New in Homes.

In defence of half-assed housekeeping: We can’t all be Martha, and author Lisa Quinn shares why that may be a good thing. Toronto Star, New in Homes.

The home-hunting learning curve: As a first-time buyer, Jennifer Wilson shares her journey from renter to happy homeowner. Toronto Star, Buying and Selling a Home.

Gossip fuels backlash against Jon & Kate plus 8: As allegations of marriage troubles for the parents on Jon & Kate Plus 8 are splashed across the tabloids, fans are starting to grow weary of the hen-pecked husband, his controlling wife, and their brood of twins and sextuplets. Toronto Star, Entertainment.

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