Fitness Friday: a training diary


I’m a firm believer that fitness is a lifestyle, not just another thing on my to do list. In addition to scheduled blocks of exercise, I also strive to find ways to add steps in my day. When you’re training for endurance events, you really can’t spend enough time on your feet.

But I sometimes underestimate how much extra activity I squeeze in. So I figured I would actually try to log the full amount of ‘active time’ in a relatively normal week for me, before my taper starts for Muskoka.


After the Ekidan relay on Thursday night my legs were feeling kind of heavy, but I wanted to do my long run. I had the day off from work and a massage booked for the afternoon, so I decided to take the long way to my appointment, logging 21.1K before noon. Then a soak in the waters and a massage for some serious recovery time. It was a gorgeous day, so I followed up my pampering with a 4K walk home. And, if we’re being honest, also an ice cream sandwich.


With a race Sunday, Saturday was super low key. Gentleman friend and I went out for a 6K shakeout run and then spent the day focusing on fuel, hydration and re-packing our tri bags.


Race day! A little bit of a warm up, then a sprint distance race – this one was a 750m swim, 20K bike and 5K run. It went great – more on that later!


Started the day with a 30-minute recovery spin on the bike trainer. It was another gorgeous day, so I left home early to walk the 4K to my office.
After sitting all day, I always try to walk to my yoga class and run some errands on the way – the 6K walk takes some time but I often use this time to answer emails, make phone calls or work through the day’s events. Then I actually did my yoga class – an hour and fifteen minute Yoga for Runners session that is an awesome mix of strengthening and stretching moves. This week was a lot of glutes, hamstrings and hips.


Back on the bike trainer for another 30-minute session, this time with a little more resistance. Those Muskoka hills are no joke. Another summer day, so I take the 4K walk commute to get set up for the day ahead and get my inbox down to zero.

After work it’s a brisk 6K walk to High Park to meet with the Adidas Runners Toronto club. This week’s workout was a serious set of hill sprints – a 10 minute warmup followed by eight times hill repeats and three times hill sprints, plus a cool down. Including the recovery walks back down the hills, my watch said it was about a 9K workout. My calves said it was an awesome run. After some hydration and a chat, I walked the short 2K home.


Back on the bike in the morning, but this time I was at a spin class at YYoga. It’s only 45 minutes, but it’s always a sweatfest. This week had the added bonus of suicide sprints, with the longest being a minute and equal work to rest periods. Then it was a 2K walk to work to settle in for the day.

The day’s second workout was only a kilometre walk from my office, then out for an 8K run with the Nike Run Club. These steady runs are a great way to add some distance in my week and work on my form when my legs are still tired from the morning class.


Back to my usual programming: 30 minutes on my bike trainer and the 4K walk to work. The evening was a pretty big break from routine though, as I had a doctors appointment, a race kit pickup and the Argos game. Luckily everything lined up smoothly – and in the process I managed to walk 8K.


My usual 30 minutes on the bike trainer helped me get up to speed on all the Brexit news. With the Waterfront 10K on Saturday, I was itching for a shakeout run. I normally eat at my desk – awful, I know – but I was working from home and decided to actually take a lunch and get out for a 30-minute break. The 6K definitely did my legs good. After work, it was a little bit of walking for errands – just 2K today – and then off to soak up some sun on the patio.

Evaluating the week on the whole, there’s definitely stuff I could have done better. I certainly need to schedule more swim training and this week ended up being pretty light on strength work. I’m sometimes guilty of skipping the weights during the summer and choosing to get outside instead. But, I did get in a lot of movement and some serious quality workout sessions, so I’m still calling it a win.