My favourite running buddy

Jen-Wilson2-363x478 I always say I’m lucky to have a partner who runs. Not only does he understand when I want to call it early on a Friday night – he’s running the same Long Run Saturday miles and wants to be rested too. I don’t need to worry about him feeling neglected when I’m out running for hours, and I’m not going to get lonely on those long, windy weekend runs. Plus he’s always keen to plan out our first and second dinner, plus snacks, to keep us fuelled all week long and is totally on board with compression socks as appropriate weekend attire. He pushes me to run faster and I help him prioritize getting his runs in on a busy week. It works really, really well for us.

And, because I’m a sap, I was totally thrilled to share our story with Canadian Running magazine in honour of Around the Bay. Check it out!