Triathlon season take 2: Guelph Lake


I came, I swam, biked and ran, I got the t-shirt. The second tri of the season is done!

And this one went a lot smoother than my first one in Milton.

I hadn’t run Guelph Lake before. Race day for the sprint distance was perfectly sunny and hot. We arrived early but the place was already buzzing. In addition to seeing some familiar faces, this race had another serious perk: real bathrooms instead of port-a-potties (though those were on offer too).

The water was warm and I wrestled with the wetsuit decision. Ultimately, I decided on the flotation boost but I was definitely toasty as I waited on the beach for the ‘dry toes’ start.

My swim did not go particularly well. Early on I felt something hitting me in the ankle, which was odd as the lake was really clear and not at all weedy. A reach back revealed that my timing strap had come loose under my wetsuit! That was a first. I am so glad I caught it and was able to fix it, but it left me paranoid for the rest of the 750-metre swim. Turns out that constantly reaching back for your ankle neither improves your swim form nor your sighting ability. Let’s just say I took that course nice and wide.

Things got really good after the swim and a couple second break in transition to re-attach my ankle strap. The bike was some nice rollers on mostly good roads and I was excited to be passing other racers. As a fairly new cyclist passing people is still a thrill, though the number of people was surely increased by my slow swim.

It also always helps to see gentleman friend out on the course. He started two waves ahead of me and was already heading back from the turn-around when I saw him flying along. I know he, and apparently also the guy behind him who waved back at me, appreciated my cheers of ‘Way to go babe!’

Off the bike and into the run, I was feeling strong. I have always been a conservative racer – I have a huge fear of hitting the wall – but I tried to focus on dialing into a comfortable pace after that bricked feeling left my legs.

I finished feeling really good. A little thirsty (though I remembered to grab some water in my second transition) and a little warm, but like I could have kept going. I’m pleased to say that effort was good enough for a fourth place finish in my age group to boot!

There is still a lot of work I can do to improve my racing, but I am overall really pleased with how this race went and felt. Now it’s time to rest my legs a little (after the Waterfront 10K) and mentally prepare for the Muskoka half-ironman.